“Nordic Goddess” Prints


The energy of feminine power and fearlessness comes through this painting of the Nordic Goddess. This powerful woman inspires the viewer to embody the fierce aspects of woman. As women we are often raised to be agreeable, sweet and accommodating. We often yield to the masculine as a matter of cultural programming, forgetting that we too have valuable ideas, deep insight and a sharp intellect. Often guided by the deeper forces of intuition and divine knowing, we can trust our gut instincts.

High quality archival giclée prints of “Nordic Goddess,” an original oil painting by Sunny Dawn Freeman, are now available.  Prints can be ordered on cotton rag fine art paper or on stretched canvas.

Much appreciation to the photographer Erynn Graf, Tink Kelly the Nordic Goddess, and the photoshoot stylist, MUA and costume designer Kaiya Tyson!

Printed in Boise, Idaho

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.