Sunny About Earth Mandala Land Art
Sunny with her Earth Mandala at the Idaho Botanical Gardens' Land Art Exhibit. 2022

Earth Art

Through the act of gathering items from nature to assemble and display in a balanced and cohesive design, one enters into a state of oneness and peace with the natural world.  It’s as if each item communicates to the creator its desire be chosen and included.  The Earth Mandala emanates this energy and if the viewer is present with the artwork, will also sense this feeling of peace and oneness as they take it in.

eARTh Mandala Installations

The patterns, shapes, hues and textures of nature are a form of artwork in and of themselves.  The circle is an inclusive container, everything in it belongs.  The balanced arrangement of natural objects inside a circle creates new patterns and forms, beauty within beauty.


Idaho Botanical Gardens Earth Art Exhibit 2023

First Earth Mandala created at the Earth Art Workshop at the OchO Arts Retreat 2017

OchO Arts Retreat 2017


OchO Arts Retreat 2022

Workshop: A Collaborative Work of Art


Idaho Botanical Gardens Earth Art Exhibit 2022

My Call To Create Earth Art

Sunny Dawn Freeman began creating earth art after being inspired by the work of Day Schildkret at the Beloved Festival in Oregon in 2016. Upon her initial viewing of the large, impermanent morning altar created by Day, she was brought to tears by the energy of the creation.

At the OchO Arts Retreat in 2017, Sunny participated in the Land Art Course offered by Aspen Moon.  She spent the two days of her practicum collecting natural items from the eight acre property near Buhl and creating her first Earth Mandala installation, which included a quickly lashed together ‘chicken fence’ to keep the hens from pecking and scratching the art once the berries were discovered!

When Schildkret offered a workshop in Boise in 2019, Sunny attended to learn more about the deeper intention and process.  Morning Altars, as Day has termed his land art creations, are often used in a ritualistic way to create meaning at important moments in people’s lives.

In the spring of 2022 Sunny was invited to create an Earth Mandala installation at the Idaho Botanical Garden’s Land Art exhibit, and two months later led a two day workshop at the OchO Arts Retreat focused on both daily Earth Mandala creation as well as a large, collaborative Earth Mandala with her course participants.  The following spring she was invited back to create another Earth Mandala at the Idaho Botanical Garden.

Sunny has been a painter her whole life, and in the early 2000’s she began painting mandalas, so she has a natural affinity with the balanced, sacred symbol.  Although Sunny is now primarily an oil painter, with a love for painting people and nature (giving her clients a window to the natural world)  she also appreciates the opportunity to create land art and offer workshops as a way to share the process with others.

The Process

I thought you might enjoy seeing the photos of an earth mandala being created.  Nearly all the materials are collected onsite.  For this particular installation I drove east of Boise to collect lava rocks from the Black Cliffs.


Idaho Botanical Gardens Earth Art Exhibit 2023

Interested in Earth Art? Please reach out.

Feel free to text me if you would like to schedule a workshop or hire me to create an Earth Art Installation.

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