Mandala Gallery

Congratulations!  You have created your own mandala in the painting course offered by Sunny.  Here is where you get to share your creation, and get inspiration from other painters.

Lisa Mandala

Lisa, Nampa, Idaho 2019

Hope you all enjoyed the process!

Please send me your photo to be included in our gallery.  I'd love it if you included your name, the date, where you're from and I invite you to share about your experience!  email sunnydawnfreeman at gmail dot com.


Boise, Idaho class 2022


Michael, Boise, Idaho 2022


Boise, Idaho class 2019


Barbara, Boise, Idaho 2019


Christine, Nampa, Idaho class 2019

IMG_6187 2

Angela, Boise, Idaho 2023

Still need to take the course?

Come explore the practice of creating your own mandala painting. Don’t worry, I will guide you step-by-step through this simple process. You will be able to choose your design template, and we will then transfer the image onto your canvas. Enjoy relaxing music as we immerse ourselves in the meditative process of bringing your sacred symbol to life.