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Giving wings to Sunny’s art career!

I INVITE YOU to JOIN ME as I continue to build my career and bring more art and beauty into the world!

Will you please be my patron?  I have created exclusive content JUST FOR YOU!  A look behind the scenes, raw and real.

Why am I asking for your help?  

As an artist I am required to pay application fees every time I submit artwork to an exhibit or apply for a residency.  I also pay vending fees every time I set up a booth.  If my paintings are chosen to appear in an exhibit out of town, I have to pay to ship my art to the show as well as return shipping costs if they do not sell.  I must pay studio fees, purchase supplies such as paint and canvases upfront, and pay for frames and hardware to prepare for shows.  I pay to have a finished painting professionally photographed so that I can have quality prints to sell, and I must pay for the prints.  I also have to pay commissions.  It takes a lot of time, not only to paint, but to run a successful art business.  

I want to be successful!

Please JOIN ME!


$10 / Month
$25 / Month
$50 / Month
$100 / Month
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