Seasons Change


Seasons Change

As seasons change, so do we.  As summer comes to an end, beautiful blooms have dried and fallen, their purpose fulfilled.  Fully mature seeds scatter to the ground, new life inside, waiting for the season to change.   In autumn we begin to pull our energy inwards, becoming more introspective and contemplative.  What visions will we dream and nurture on cold winter nights?  This monarch began life as a larva, the wings that eventually graced its body may have come as a surprise, an unexpected change.  What will the changing seasons of your life bring?  Are you ready for your wings?

Original Painting 12×16, oil on canvas


Print Options:

Gallery Wrapped:  Ready to hang giclee on canvas on 1.5″ deep stretcher bars.

Giclee Prints: Archival print on high quality paper.

Wood canvas:  Color print mounted on birch panel ready to hang.