Lowe's 100 Year Mural Project

In March of 2021 Lowe's hired Sunny to participate in their 100 Year Mural Project, commissioning 100 artists across the country to paint 100 murals in celebration of Lowe's Centennial.

The Vision

Shortly after being invited to participate in the Lowe’s 100 Mural Centennial Celebration, I started seeing my friend post pictures on Instagram of her building a fence.  I was reminded of how much I love seeing women step outside of stereotypical gender roles.  Acknowledging that women are just as capable as men was the initial inspiration to include a woman building a fence on my mural.  The slices of Boise shown on the fence represent the uniqueness of my community, so by bringing these two elements together, this mural highlights the importance of community to Lowe’s brand.  Despite the rapid growth and changes we are seeing here in Boise, we are truly grateful for the opportunities to get outdoors and immerse ourselves in the things that make Boise such a great place to live.  From paddle boarding at Quinn’s Pond, skiing at Bogus Basin, the celebration of diversity - represented by the Basque dancers, mountain biking in the foothills, to our picturesque capitol building (despite the changing skyline), we love where we live!  When one feels connected to a sense of place, we settle in and feel compelled to improve and beautify our surroundings.  Lowe’s provides the materials and supplies we need as we make our homes and build our community in Boise, Idaho. 


Capabilities are not determined by gender. Some of my most successful friends are women, and in particular, my friend Sarah Cunningham comes to mind.  She has won the Contractor of the Year Award multiple times for her remodel and design business, Ethos.  Feel free to check out her portfolio here!

Ethos Design


Much gratitude to Niki Fretwell who opened her space to me for this project.  Not only did she provide the space but she supported me in multiple ways, offering me drinks, meals, advice, guidance, and her sweet friendship.  I couldn't have done it without her!



Watching a painting come to life is such a satisfying process.  This image, provided by Kyle Green of Lila Camille on her paddleboard, led to more connections, inspiration and friendship.  Who would have guessed that when I reached out online to inquire about using this photo for reference that we would all meet a few short months later at the First Friday Event in the Live, Work, Create District of Garden City?

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The Process

IMG_1961 2
IMG_2474 2
Mural featuring activities that are popular in Boise, skiing at Bogus basin, paddleboarding SUP at Quinn's Pond, Basque Dancers, Mountain Biking in the foothills, and the view of the capitol.
Lowe's Mural

More Murals!

Each project style is different depending on the client's unique vision.

Blank Wall

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If you have a vision for a mural, or if you just have a blank wall and want to transform it into something people will get excited about, I would love to assist!